Friday, September 25, 2009

DEMO: Internet spreads sexist tweets faster than ever

It’s no secret that the tech world is one big sausagefest.

There were zero women — none — in Paul Graham’s YCombinator startup class last month. There were maybe two female founders at Facebook’s fbFund Rev and about five women presenters at TechCrunch50 last week. DEMO, the conference VentureBeat co-produces and at which I’m now sitting, seems to have about the same ratio.

There’s been plenty of handwringing over why so few women start companies. Is it education? Is it gender norms propagated through our culture? Is it that starting a company is incredibly taxing during a woman’s best reproductive years?

All I know is, you guys need to shut up. When TotalTrainer co-founder Erin Lutz took the stage with partner Darin MacDonald just now, out came the twits.

Look at CNet’s Rafe Needleman: “Those muscles don’t belong at Demo.” Of course they do.


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